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Wedding Ceremony Musicians


Fees Include:

2 instruments*

Carting of equipment

Admin fees

Choose one solo instrument and one accompanying instrument:

Solo Instruments




Accompanying Instruments



* For up to 90 minutes.

Click Here for examples of our

Ceremony Duo options

Jazz Trio

$265 + meals for the 1st hour

$200 for each additional hour

Fees Include:

Trio of musicians:




Carting of equipment

Admin fees

Wind Quartet

$290/hour + meals

Fees Include:

Quartet of musicians:

-Soprano Saxophone

-Alto Saxophone

-Tenor Saxophone


Carting of equipment

Admin fees

DJ Services

$150/hour (up to 2 hours)

This service is offered in conjunction with the Dance Band as a cost effective way to have music after the band has finished playing.

Fees Include:


-Sound Equipment

-Lighting Rental

Dance Band

1 Hour of Music  - $1 300

2 Hours of Music - $1 625

3 Hours of Music - $1 950

4 Hours of Music - $2 550

Client to include meals for the band when applicable

Fees Include:

Full Dance Band

Audio Equipment

Audio Engineer

1 Song Request**

Carting of Equipment***

Admin fees

** For weddings only. We will make an arrangement for the band of any song of your

choosing. A popular use of the requested song is the couple’s first dance. Additional arrangements of songs can be requested for $77/song.

*** Travel distance for all engagements must be within 100km of downtown Ottawa.

Additional travel will be billed at a rate of $15/person + 50c/person/extra km