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Take Your Wedding Photos to the Next Level

By Tristan Whalen-Hughes

So much time, energy, and effort go into ensuring a couple’s special day is just as they imagined it.  Unsurprising, then, that they would want to immortalize every moment of it. That is where wedding photos and a wedding photographer come in. Having the right eyes and plan to capture the magic of the event are a crucial part of a successful wedding for all to remember and enjoy long after the party is over and the guests are snug in their beds. Here are just a few suggestions we have to guarantee the perfect snapshot of this moment in time.

Wedding Instagram Account


Cell phones are wonders of modern technology. The cameras in them are so much better than anybody could have dreamed even just a decade ago, and social media has become a hotspot for sharing amateur photos. Why not put that to good use? If you create an event specific hashtag or even an Instagram (or other social media) account for your wedding, you can cleverly have your guests do some of the photography work for you. You’ll get views from every angle of the wedding, and while your guests likely aren’t all professional photographers themselves, tagging and compiling all of these pictures in one place allows you to sift through for the gems among them.


Staged Photo Booth


At first glance, a staged photo booth or area might come across as a little forced and gimmicky, but trust us it’s worth giving a chance. With a good backdrop, and maybe a few party props here and there, this can be a fun way for guests to celebrate the day with each other and to capture their joy for the newlyweds. Think “New Year’s Eve Party”, but with a wedding-couple-specific theme. This idea works doubly well if your hired wedding photographer has a hand in setting it up and running it. Which brings us to our last, and most important wedding photography suggestion…


Hire a Trusted Pro


While we’re sure your Great-Uncle Donnie has a very nice camera and some pretty landscape shots posted on Instagram, it’s really in your best interest to hire a professional wedding photographer to handle the bulk of your wedding photos. The best way to ensure that your key wedding moments are captured with exactly the right atmosphere is to trust the experienced eye of a pro. Many of these photographers will charge a premium for their work, but their expertise really will make a world of difference that you’ll notice every time you revisit the photos of your wedding day.


Here are just a couple wedding photographers in the Ottawa area that we trust to take stunning photos:

Matthew Emmerson Photography

The Ottawa Awards - 2022 Winner – Ottawa’s Best Wedding Photographer

Steve Bezanson Photography

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